February 22nd, 2022

Corbet Scientific to Make Inaugural Appearance at Commodity Classic

Company to showcase HYDROVANT-fA®, a new foliar and soil activator-sticker polymer that amplifies performance of herbicides and starter fertilizers

JACKSON, Wyo. (February 22, 2022) – Corbet Scientific is excited to announce its inaugural participation in Commodity Classic 2022 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Attendees can visit Corbet Scientific in Booth 5605 to learn about HYDROVANT-fA®, a new advanced activator-sticker polymer technology with strong enhancement results in numerous foliar and soil applications of pesticides, bio-stimulants and liquid fertilizers.

“With the high cost of inputs this season, it’s going to be critical for growers to maximize their efficacy. Hydrovant-fA allows growers to amplify the performance of their inputs, including herbicides and starter fertilizers, said Tom Zangrillo, vice president for Corbet Scientific. “For example, when Hydrovant-fA is added to leading commercial formulations of glyphosate, the percentage of weeds controlled is superior.”

These replicated third-party research trials conducted by AgroCientifica in Argentina demonstrated that when Hydrovant-fA is added to the glyphosate formulations, the treatments provided greater than 95% control against key grass and broadleaf weeds compared to 68% control for glyphosate alone at 40 days following application.

Hydrovant-fA is a water-based adjuvant that protects plants and crop inputs. Combining Hydrovant-fA with a spray mixture ensures that crop protection chemicals and fertilizers stick without burning or suffocating the crop, while still nurturing plant growth. In addition, Hydrovant-fA has never caused phytotoxicity in any trial on any crop and in any climate.

Cornell University research shows that when applied with bifenthrin on corn leaves, Hydrovant-fA increased the retention of bifenthrin by 35% to 45% following a series of artificial rainfall events, compared to leaves sprayed with bifenthrin only.

Classified as an activator-sticker, Hydrovant-fA creates a dynamic coating to hold pesticides in place, optimizing the delivery effectiveness of the inputs while still allowing water and carbon dioxide to flow through to the plant.

Hydrovant-fA is registered in 14 countries with 16 countries pending registration and has patents pending in 36 countries, with patents issued in two countries.

“We’re excited to showcase Hydrovant-fA as a first-of-its-kind technology for row crops at Commodity Classic 2022,” said Corbet Scientific President and CEO Glenn Pacchiana. “Attendees can stop by Booth 5605 and learn more about how Hydrovant-fA can maximize the performance of their crop inputs in the upcoming growing season.”