Advanced Activator-Sticker Technology

Hydrovant®️, an activator-sticker developed by Corbet Scientific, has gone through rigorous testing, and the results show that when tank-mixed, Hydrovant increases the efficacy of biologicals, contact and systemic pesticides, pre-emerge and post-emerge herbicides, and fertilizers. The result is more efficient applications, higher efficacy, and lower environmental impact.

Born from a water-based polymer binding technology used in the medical field, Hydrovant is the first in a new CPDA-recognized category of adjuvant called “activator stickers.” Growers can now achieve optimal spray results using the minimum rate of crop protection inputs, no matter the weather conditions.

It works by creating a dynamic coating that holds the active ingredient in place and optimizes effectiveness while allowing carbon dioxide and other gasses to flow through to the plant.

Hydrovant has demonstrated remarkable efficacy in conjunction with biological nutrition and crop protection actives. Its gentle characteristics play a pivotal role in safeguarding the integrity of a biological package.

Binds Active to Target

Hydrovant is very rainfast, keeping the active on the target surface even during and after rain events ensuring the active stays around long enough to complete its job.

Environmentally Friendly

Hydrovant helps to maintain compliance with environmental regulations by reducing spray applications and limiting environmental leaching and runoff.

Safe on Crops

Hydrovant's gentle water-based formula lets the plant breathe by allowing water and gas to pass through to the leaf never causing phytotoxicity.

Labels & Safety Data

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